My Live Blood Cells Are Beautiful!


Let me preface this post by saying that both Raj and I do not believe in Live Blood Analysis (LBA). We believe that this test, which is done by some alternative/holistic health practitioners, is pseudoscientific. LBA β€Žis not accepted by the medical community since there is no scientific evidence to support the validity of its results. Having said all that, I was offered a free LBA by a Live Blood Cell Microscopist a few days ago at work. Although I do not believe in the scientific legitimacy of LBA, it was free (normally costs just over $100 here in Toronto), non-invasive, and harmless. So I thought, “Hey, why not give it a try for fun?” and so I did.


Firstly, I had to abstain from eating for at least three hours before the test. Then, the middle finger of my right hand was pricked with a sterile, single-use lancet. A small drop of blood was gently squeezed out, placed on a slide, and sealed with a cover slip. For those wondering, it was not painful at all. I have seen this Live Blood Cell Microscopist prick children without any fuss or issues many times before.


My live blood sample was then placed under high-resolution dark field microscopy for observation and analysis. The Live Blood Cell Microscopist showed me a chart comparing an ideal blood sample with abnormal ones. She explained the possible ailments that are associated with each abnormality. I have seen her perform LBA on many others before and the results have always been far from ideal. Her clients, even the more health-conscious ones, always end up with an extensive protocol to follow. I was expecting similar results.


Much to my surprise, most of my blood cells looked like what healthy and ideal ones are supposed to look like in LBA. The Live Blood Cell Microscopist said that my blood sample was the best she has seen in a long time! If there was ever a moment I wanted to believe in LBA, it was then.

LBA Results

We had to search actively for abnormalities in my blood sample to analyze since there were not many. The Live Blood Cell Microscopist managed to find a few crystals (pictured above), hypochromic cells, macrocytes, misshaped cells, and hypersegmented cells. In the end, her only recommendations for me were to take digestive enzymes with every meal and to increase my intake of vitamin B12 and iron. She also mentioned that although a bowel cleanse is not mandatory for me, it would be good thing to do. I must admit that since I trust a medical blood test more than a LBA, I took her recommendations with a grain of salt. It was a fun experience though! Now I can say that I have at least tried it.



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