Raj’s Cancer Experience: Episode 1: The Timeline


Hey guys, so this vlog series is close to my heart, it’s about me!  Well my cancer experience! A lot of people have asked me about it when they find out I’m a cancer survivor.


So next week, I’ll get into how it felt going through the experience, and how it changed me. Might be a bit of a emotional roller coaster for some.  But hey, I am here, I am alive, and going on 11 years in remission!

So tell me, what did you think of my vlog?  Do you have questions, or details maybe you think I glossed over? Do you want me to talk about specifics of my Non Hodgkins experience?


Some organizations fighting the good fight!

Canadian Cancer SocietyCanadian Cancer Society




Lymphoma CanadaLymphoma Canada


Be sure to also catch RaddyHealth.com lecture at The Big Carrot Thursday March 26th, 2015: Staying Cancer-Free Through Nutrition