Quick Tip Thursday #1!


Welcome to this new “Quick Tip Thursday” series on our blog where we’ll be sharing a quick health tip every Thursday! Our first “Quick Tip Thursday” is about how to build muscle and stay fit without a gym and with a busy life. Although I have a free gym membership through my mom’s work benefits, I hardly visit the gym in the winter due to the cold commute. I try to stay in shape and build muscle throughout the day by:

  • Repeatedly contracting and relaxing my abdominal muscles every now and then during work. (This is similar to doing kegel exercises throughout the day to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. This stationary exercise, which you can do while sitting or standing, helps to strengthen your core muscles.)
  • Taking public transit. (Taking the bus/subway instead of driving is not only better for the environment, but it involves more walking and just more muscle activity in general. In the winter, taking public transit also boosts your metabolism since your metabolic rate needs to increase to cope with the greater exposure to the cold weather and to maintain your body’s homeostasis.)
  • Taking the stairs instead of escalators/elevators whenever possible. (Work those leg muscles and get that cardio in when you can!)

These are just a few simple activities you can incorporate into your daily life to help stay fit. I hope they helped! See you all next Thursday for another quick health tip!




Raj’s Work Out Plan

Kanye Raj’s Work Out Plan

So as most people on a weight loss journey, December was a bit of a bump in the road, now I didn’t gain weight, but my weight loss gains were low single digits.  January has also proven difficult, but I am resolved to get back on the proverbial horse.  In my own health journey there are several strategies I am going to deploy to help get me back on track.

#1 A food journal

I think this is pretty self-explanatory, but just in case, it’s simply a written record of what I’ve eaten and general amounts.  I know some can be very precise, but measuring everything just isn’t doable for me on regular basis.  I think the most important aspect of this is consistency.

#2 A regular workout schedule

This might not work for everyone, but I’m starting to plan out my workouts.  I find this helps hold myself accountable and pushes me even in this freezing cold to hit the gym, plus, I give myself a treat at the end of my workout with 10-15 minutes in the hot tub.

#3 Keeping my diet flexible

Now in the last month and a half, I’d say I haven’t been holding as steadfast to my 80/20 rule (Healthy vs Regular food), but as of right now. That is no longer an option.

#4 Creating support for my efforts

Now this one is hard to do.  My master plan would be to broadcast my gym sessions using social media (Four Square/Twitter/Facebook) more so to get encouragement to keep going and to reinforce my efforts.  I’m not one to share images of such on IG (Instagram).  Though maybe I should take a second look at that policy. As hash tags like #fitfam , #workout , #fitness , #getfit , #fitgirl , and #beastmode (My personal favorite!) help you connect with others on IG ,twitter, and the like.  Which I believe can help grow your online support group

#5 Keeping yourself social

Especially during these winter months, It’s important you get out and socialize and see friends and be active.  Evidence from studies have shown:

“ that individuals with the lowest level of involvement in social relationships are more likely to die than those with greater involvement” – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3150158/

My suggestion on that part, is if you don’t have a circle of friends to go out with, try to make some.  With the age of the internet, there are Meetup groups, tweetups, volunteer organizations, heck even karaoke nights at the bar, which could lend itself to making new friends.

So that’s my plan of attack for the moment, Let me know what you think, and in the mean time I’ll leave you with a track from Kanye.

HiM Promotions – Gorgeously Fit Men + Messy Show = Hot Mess! (Sorry!)

Me  and Milan

Me with Milan, who was one of the runner-ups for the cover spot on the HiM 2015 calendar. (The 2014 UFC Ultimate Fighter winner, Elias Theodorou, won, but Milan was my first pick.)

HiM (Handsome International Men) Promotions is a company that offers “classy, dynamic and sensual show[s] of male athleticism” to “liven up your events, fundraisers and promotions”. Raj and I were invited to their HiM Coliseum show production last Wednesday and it was nothing like what we expected. If I had to sum up the show in two words, it was a “hot mess”. Let me start from the beginning…

Me and Greg Collage

One of the HiM men, Greg, greeted everyone at the entrance and literally carried me to my seat!

Upon entry and signing in, we were greeted by one of the great looking HiM men, Greg. He actually lifted and carried me all the way to my seat, which was fun!

Me, Greg and Milan Collage

Milan and Greg definitely take care of their bodies in terms of fitness and diet!

At the back of the seating area, there was a HiM Promotions backdrop, in front of which you could take pictures with two of the HiM men before the show. As you can see, I got pictures with Greg and Milan. Milan was one of the runner-ups for the cover spot on the HiM 2015 calendar. He was actually my first pick for the cover spot, which ended up going to Elias Theodorou, the 2014 UFC Ultimate Fighter winner.

Show About to Start

Getting ready for a show that was nothing like what we anticipated.

With such great looking buff guys to greet guests and with $35 ticket prices, which do not cover any drinks or food, I was expecting to be amazed by “feats of strength, speed, and agility” as HiM Promotions describe it. Instead, I was scratching my head at the random kicks in the air, ball tossing, pretend sparing, running in one spot, etc. Sure, there were a few neat flips here and there, but for the most part, it was just a series of random jumps, leaps, kicks, and punches in the air, which lacked coordination at times. You can see and judge for yourself…

Me, Raj and Calendar Collage

You can purchase the HiM 2015 calendar with the 2014 UFC Ultimate Fighter winner, Elias Theodorou, on the cover HERE. A portion of the proceeds goes toward Rethink Breast Cancer.

All in all, I think HiM Promotions has a gorgeous roster of male models, but they need more of a “wow factor” in their show, especially when general admission tickets alone are $35 each. For $20 more ($55 ticket), you could get a HiM 2015 calendar featuring the HiM men along with your general admission. You would be saving a bit since the calendars sell for $29.80 each online here. Either way, a portion of the proceeds go to Rethink Breast Cancer. Although I can’t stand behind the show, I can stand behind gorgeously fit men raising money and awareness for breast cancer.