HiM Promotions – Gorgeously Fit Men + Messy Show = Hot Mess! (Sorry!)

Me  and Milan

Me with Milan, who was one of the runner-ups for the cover spot on the HiM 2015 calendar. (The 2014 UFC Ultimate Fighter winner, Elias Theodorou, won, but Milan was my first pick.)

HiM (Handsome International Men) Promotions is a company that offers “classy, dynamic and sensual show[s] of male athleticism” to “liven up your events, fundraisers and promotions”. Raj and I were invited to their HiM Coliseum show production last Wednesday and it was nothing like what we expected. If I had to sum up the show in two words, it was a “hot mess”. Let me start from the beginning…

Me and Greg Collage

One of the HiM men, Greg, greeted everyone at the entrance and literally carried me to my seat!

Upon entry and signing in, we were greeted by one of the great looking HiM men, Greg. He actually lifted and carried me all the way to my seat, which was fun!

Me, Greg and Milan Collage

Milan and Greg definitely take care of their bodies in terms of fitness and diet!

At the back of the seating area, there was a HiM Promotions backdrop, in front of which you could take pictures with two of the HiM men before the show. As you can see, I got pictures with Greg and Milan. Milan was one of the runner-ups for the cover spot on the HiM 2015 calendar. He was actually my first pick for the cover spot, which ended up going to Elias Theodorou, the 2014 UFC Ultimate Fighter winner.

Show About to Start

Getting ready for a show that was nothing like what we anticipated.

With such great looking buff guys to greet guests and with $35 ticket prices, which do not cover any drinks or food, I was expecting to be amazed by “feats of strength, speed, and agility” as HiM Promotions describe it. Instead, I was scratching my head at the random kicks in the air, ball tossing, pretend sparing, running in one spot, etc. Sure, there were a few neat flips here and there, but for the most part, it was just a series of random jumps, leaps, kicks, and punches in the air, which lacked coordination at times. You can see and judge for yourself…

Me, Raj and Calendar Collage

You can purchase the HiM 2015 calendar with the 2014 UFC Ultimate Fighter winner, Elias Theodorou, on the cover HERE. A portion of the proceeds goes toward Rethink Breast Cancer.

All in all, I think HiM Promotions has a gorgeous roster of male models, but they need more of a “wow factor” in their show, especially when general admission tickets alone are $35 each. For $20 more ($55 ticket), you could get a HiM 2015 calendar featuring the HiM men along with your general admission. You would be saving a bit since the calendars sell for $29.80 each online here. Either way, a portion of the proceeds go to Rethink Breast Cancer. Although I can’t stand behind the show, I can stand behind gorgeously fit men raising money and awareness for breast cancer.




My Weight loss adventure ….


Raj has lost noticeable weight after just a few months of changing his diet.

So over the last couple months, I’ve taken on the challenge of losing weight.  It was a personal choice, I haven’t developed diabetes or had some sort of health crisis necessitating a real lifestyle change or even been ashamed of my body. The reason I am stating that at the outset, is I think any REAL change has to come from within as a result of some sort of internal dialogue. I also don’t want to be premature and label myself a success story.

GNC Total Lean Shake 25

GNC Total Lean Shake 25

What I will say, is that what I am currently doing is working for me. One of the biggest components to my weight loss has been the GNC Total Lean: Lean Shake 25 (Taken four times daily). It comes in four flavors, Vanilla Bean, Strawberry & Cream, Chocolate, and Orange cream. I am not a fan of the orange, though I have some friends who really like it. It is also important I mention Addy DOES NOT approve, but respects my decision to use the shakes. I try to stick to an 80/20 rule. Meaning 80% of the time I take the shakes and 20% of the time are regular meals (trying to be healthy when possible in meal choices) and snacks.

There is the occasional cheat meal in the week as well (as part of my 20%). I find with healthier snacks like 100 calorie chocolate chip granola bars, skinny pop popcorn, bananas and the occasional apple. It all helps me to feel satiated.

Currently I’m buying into the idea that calorie cycling helps trick my body that it is not in starvation mode and for me, it seems to be working.

I don’t think weight loss is a one size fits all approach. So what works for me may not work for you. But at the end of the day, it might be worth a shot?

If you want to know more specifics about what I’m doing, let us know in the comments below. Also, let us know below what you’re doing in your own weight loss adventure!



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